Wednesday, January 30, 2013

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Do you love making love? Do you love making money? Are you sociable? If your answer is yes to these questions, then has a unique opportunity for you.

Recently they reward their loyal customers with a chance to turn profit through their resellers’ program. With a small investment of a min. S$1000 in one order, you are entitled to get an instant 20% discount on your purchase. Subsequently you are given a coupon code by email so that you get 20% discount without the min. $1000 order.

That means, if your order is say S$1000, you pay $800, and save $200. You can then sell the items that you purchase at prices to match By doing that, you have a profit of 25% (200/800). Or you could talk your way and sell higher since sex toys sold retail are marked up very high by other sex shops. Here is a diagram to help you see the numbers:

The package can be sent to your address, or straight to your buyers' address (up to you, the reseller).

 We would email the tracking code to the reseller about the package in both cases. And if we deliver direct to end buyer's address, we would not show any information to the end buyer in order to protect you as the reseller. For more info:

What to buy? That is a good question.

We singled out their best selling and most unique items for you over here.

The Fairy Magic Wand


You probably have seen this piece of equipment in many JAV porn flicks.

Rabbits never fails to make the ladies happy

The Rampant Rabbit Platinum Plus vibrator could deliver any girl into her ultimate pulsating bliss.

These are profitable consumables that people can’t do without. sells condoms at a fraction than what you would buy in supermarkets or pharmacies.

 These devices help to make the manhood bigger. There is no shortage of demand for these devices, pardon the pun.

 Be the better man and extend yourself beyond your peers.

XP Tongkat Ali Xtreme 2D

XP Xtreme Tongkat Ali is your only solution. This herbal supplement is sure to bring your manhood up. There are far too many positive testimonials for this brand. Its reputation and efficacy has appealed major Singapore pharmacies to sell them. 1 box contains 10 pills. In, you get discounts and can buy per pill for trial. And you can also group your purchases with sex toys and condoms

And in true GutterUncensored style, we leave you with pics to drool with You can browse its Lingerie collection here. Yummy!


Check out the sex toy shop for all your intimate playtime needs!

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