Monday, December 3, 2012

Halle Berry's Fianc茅 Oliver Martinez Beat The Hell Out Of Her Ex-Boyfriend Gabriel Aubry


Halle Berry and her ex-boyfriend/baby daddy Gabriel Aubry seem to be getting along as well as you would expect after he dumped her two years ago. Gabriel is a handsome model, well at least he was before bringing his daughter to her mother's house on Thanksgiving Day. At that point, Berry's fianc茅, French actor Oliver Martinez, slam Gabriel's face into a concrete driveway. And then preceded to beat the hell out of the ex-boyfriend while Halle watched. The photos below are the brutal injuries Gabriel Aubry claims he suffered at the hands of Olivier Martinez. Aubry claims he was attacked by Martinez when he turned his daughter Nahla to Halle's home in Los Angeles on November 22, 2012. Interestingly enough, Gabriel was the only person arrested and charged after the incident on Thanksgiving.

The photos of Aubry's black eyes and bloodstained face were included in a restraining order the model filed against Martinez at Los Angeles Superior Court. So it seems Aubry did not know the French actor is a former Welterweight boxer on the professional level before the encounter. But I think he knew and he was probably not the one who started the physical alteration however this restraining order is kind of too late. Odds are Aubry knew his ex-girlfriend's new man was a coldblooded assassin. And still walked into the trap like a moron... But I got to hand it to Halle for doing some great research to find a new man that would be able to beat the shit out of the guy that dumped her for being too "'desperate, impatient" and talked to the media about. Apparently she is the only one allowed to talk to the media about why she was the one who really did the dumping. Got to wonder if Halle is more mad at being dumped or people knowing she was dumped. Who was it that said "hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" again? LOL... Click on pictures to enlarge.

 Look like the the guy did not even got in one punch:

 Here is the look on Halle Berry's face while Oliver Martinez was beating the shit out of her ex-boyfriend:

 Here is Gabriel Aubry before the encounter with Oliver's fist and a concrete driveway:

Here is Halle Berry with her boxer turn actor/assassin fianc茅 Oliver Martinez:



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